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26 November 2013 @ 08:36 am
does anyone have these coats for sale? or similar recs?  
Apparently I have very consistent taste, but I shop too late. There are three winter coats I am into, and I can't find two of 'em in my size. (The cheaper two, of course,)

Does anyone have either of these for sale in a 3X or 22/24 US sizing?

(or that fits measurements 48 44 52, with an upper arm of 19 or greater, regardless of labeling)?



This is the one that still has 2 in stock, and I'll probably end up getting if they answer my measurement question before it sells out, but I would be very open to buying one second hand if it happens to be available (4X in the Hell Bunny UK sizing):

Or I'd also love any recommendations of other double breasted, full skirted coats! They don't have to be black, that's just what these come in.

Thanks tons!